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July9, 2017

The Fith Sunday after Pentecost

ALTAR FLOWERS: The flowers on the Altar are given by Judie and Tom Payne in celebration of children's Wedding Anniversaries, T.J. and Parul Payne (July) and Ashley and Bruce Cook (August).

SANCTUARY LIGHT is given by Dana and Steve Meyer in celebration of their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

RED, WHITE AND BLUE AUCTION: Today following the Service, we will be having a shared meal followed by our annual Red, White and Blue Auction. Please join us.

WELCOME: We would like to welcome Elaine Klause. She is our Supply Organist from St. Andrew's,  Edwardsville and will be with us today and the first three sundays in August. We look forward having her to play for us.

MISSION LEADERSHIP TEAM: The Mission Leadership Team will meet next Sunday, July 16 at 11:15 a.m. No meeting in August.

HELP WANTED FOR THE TREASURER: With the coming of summer, several items have come up with regard to the Treasurer's duties and those members that help her. 

MOST IMPORTANT: With so much travel and recent moves by members of St. Michael's IT IS VERY IMPORTANT  that each of you try TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR PLEDGE.  Our expenses, sadly, do not go down so we need everyone  to help us make sure the money is there to pay the bills.
Each Sunday,  there is a team of people who help to count the offering .  We have openings on this team.  After church (during coffee hour, in case there are questions) 2 people count and verify the offering.  It is an easy process to learn and it doesn't take much time.  Can you help? With several teams you do not need to do it every week.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.

Once the offering is counted, it is entered into the computer into our software.  One person does it each week and we need at least 2 MORE people to help with that.  It doesn't need to be done on Sunday,  just during the week.  PLEASE CONTACT ME TO EXPLAIN THIS PROCESS.

Thank you all for your support in all financial items around our church.     
Ann Wilt  618-977-1187

PURLS OF WISDOM: Prayer Shawl Ministry will be meeting at the church on the second Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  Come join us this summer. If you are interested in learning to knit or crotchet, come to the meeting. There are supplies available to get started, so bring yourself and your desire to make a difference to others.  The next meeting is July 13.  We have received thank you notes from those who have received our prayer shawls. Please take the time to see how much this ministry means to the recipients. Thank you.

ST MICHAEL'S YOUTH CONFERENCE, which we hosted June 11-17, was a huge success despite the small number of conferees. A huge belated THANK YOU goes to all our parishioners who contributed to that success in various ways. This bit of feedback came from one of the conferees last week: 
My experience at St. Michael's Youth Conference was beyond amazing!! For one, the people are great! They are all around loving  and caring. The classes are AMAZING!! I've learned so much that I would've never thought I would learn. All the information they give you helps you have a better relationship with God and help you share God's word with other people. It's not something you learn during the week and then forget about it. It's something you carry with you! At SMYC we like to have fun!! Going bowling, learning karate, swimming, and going to cardinals games are a better way to get to know everyone on a personal level! All in all St. Michael's is the place to be!! I plan on going every year until I'm too old. 
Shalom Kamau,
Church of the Redeemer, Cairo IL

ALTAR GUILD: Anyone interested in learning more about serving as a member of the Altar Guild, please talk to Lynette or George Schneider. Contact: Lynette: 618-979-3192, or George: 618-979-3194,

COMMUNITY FEED MY LAMBS  PLEASE COME OUT AND HELP!  This summer St. Michael's will again be participating on selected Wednesdays from June 7 through August 2 in the outreach project Community Feed My Lambs.  Each delivery day we will be making lunches for approximately 200 children in need.  The details have been finalized and now we need to organize our group.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex for workers and drivers for the Wednesdays that we are involved (June 7 and 21, July 5 and 19, and August 2).  Workers will be putting together the lunches from 10-11:30 am and the drivers will deliver from approximately 11:45 am to 1:00 pm.  WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP ON ANY/OR ALL OF THESE DAYS?  Please sign up!  We would love to have you participate in this ministry, and your children are welcome to help us put the lunches together.  

We also are looking for donations of chips, small packages of cookies or funds to help us buy the meat, bread and fruit on a weekly basis.  If you are in Sam's, pick up a case of chips for the cause.  This really is an undertaking that needs everyone to pitch in.  It is a wonderful ministry!

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Wilt, 977-1187,

FORWARD DAY BY DAY: The August - October Day By Day is now available. You may pick up a copy of this daily devotional in the Narthex.

FOOD PANTRY: In July, St Michael's is focusing on personal toiletries: shampoos and  conditioners, bath soap, tooth brushes and tooth paste, body wash and feminine products. As always, donations of any food items will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.
O'Fallon Food Pantry held "Shop Out" Hunger Food Drive in front of Aldi's last week and collected enough food to fill 48 banana boxes and $242.83 cash. The Pantry Board members as well as the store employees were instrumental to bring out the generosity of our community.

                      FABULOUS FOX THEATRE
From the posters which have been placed on the bulletin boards and some yet to be expanded local advertising, you have probably noted that our organist, Jack Moelmann, will be presenting a spectacular organ program at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis August 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
It was nine years ago, August 9, 2008, when Jack dipped into his life savings to rent the famed Radio City Music Hall in New York City to put on an historical program featuring the largest theatre pipe organ ever built by the famous Wurlitzer Company. Ask Ann and Nels Wilt about it, they were there. Two years ago, August 23, 2015. Jack thought it was time to have a sequel to that show, so this time he personally rented the Fabulous St. Louis Fox Theatre to feature its Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ in a public show. It was entitled "Those Were the Days". It might be noted that Jack became staff organist at the Fox in 2009 and plays for tours and other events there regularly. The show was so successful with some 2,000 people attending, including a large representation from St. Michael's, that Jack thought it would be a good idea to do it one more time and this will be Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. Two other internationally famous organists are also on the bill, Dave Wickerham and Justin LaVoie. Our own choir director and soloist, Winn Pardee. will also be on stage as he was two years ago with Jack.
The three organists will display their talent at the organ console in a musical program of a variety of pops music. Part of the program will be an audience sing-along with the words on the screen and follow the bouncing ball. A short Laurel and Hardy silent movie comedy will show off what the theatre organ was designed to do   accompany silent films. The finale will consist of a Tribute to America   a medley of our patriotic songs. The program is entitled "Those Were the Days   Again!" with Colonel Jack Moelmann and Friends. It will relive what many theatre goers experienced back in the early 1900s at the Fox Theatre and other great movie palaces across the country.
General Admission tickets are available at the Fox Theatre Box Office and through MetroTix for $25 and $35, the latter for seats in the mezzanine, a very good place to see and hear this wonderful organ. There will be no assigned seats. There are sheets on the table in the Narthex which outline some special procedures for getting tickets. If you have any questions, just see Jack. It is not too early. Two years ago the start of the show was delayed almost fifteen minutes because of the line around the corner trying to get tickets at the Box Office.

Work is moving forward on all fronts.  Listen to our progress...
   * 58 Churches are committed to serving as Partner Churches (we are believing for 42 more!)
   * 13 Ministries are committed to working together for this Community Event.
   * 2 Businesses have made donations for this event (we need 38 more!)
   * 1,328 people have been invited through our Facebook event page (we need 1,500 volunteers)
   * New Partners have been added to our web page:
   * Email contacts have grown to 335 people or individual groups
   * Opportunities to share information/details for the event have been presented at the Mayor's Town Hall Meeting (ESL), Granite City Rotary Club and O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce 
   * Month of Hope Campaigns have been conducted in various churches
We all hope that you will consider joining the Compassion Movement through Convoy of Hope for the City of East St. Louis and surrounding areas on July 22nd.  If you would like more information on how you, your church, your business, your community civic group can get involved in this event, please contact Pastor Don at the number below, or speak to Fr Ian, Dana or Tiffany.
Remember, this service opportunity fosters the spirit of people helping people and neighbors helping neighbors!  Please consider being a sponsor for this event.  Donations can be mailed to the address below, or through St Michael's Church.
Join us!
Pastor Donald Andreasen 
Convoy of Hope Metro East
Local Coordinator for 7.22.17
(618) 632-5584

Mail Donations to:
Convoy of Hope Metro East
P.O. Box 1086
O'Fallon, IL  62269